Weight Loss is a demanding endeavor, both physically and emotionally –especially when it comes to women. With our current eating habits and busy lifestyle, losing weight is nothing short of a challenge. Crash diets and extreme exercise are never the answer. Our bodies are designed to adapt to slow changes. Sudden changes in lifestyle will exhaust you. If you choose to go that route for quick weight loss, look out for some serious mood swings, hunger pangs, binge-eating episodes. There is no quick fix. Here are some of the measures you can take to promote healthy weight loss.

1) Introduce Gradual Changes

No one is asking you to cut down your calorie intake all at once. Exposing your body to such extreme withdrawal will lead to nothing but a meltdown by the end of the week. If you wish to bring about a change, start with small changes. Start with the basics like maybe restrict yourself to treats from once every day to once every few days and then so on and so forth. Try introducing substitutes slowly so your body gets time to accustom itself to the new environment. Slow and steady always wins the race.

2) Increase Daily Activity

Again, this does not in any way mean you start running 5 miles a day. If you even maintain the diet you are taking now and just increase your daily exercise, it is bound to bring about changes. Start small and build up your stamina gradually. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk or cycle to your nearest store for everyday supplies instead of taking your car, take baby steps. Gyms can get depressing so take up a sport that you enjoy or something more fun like dancing.

3) Reduce Your Calorie Count

Try reducing your daily intake of unhealthy junk food and find healthier alternatives. Don’t cut it all out immediately. Know the calorie count of what you are eating daily and start cutting down some every other week. For healthier alternatives, substitute fizzy drinks for water, eat more fruit to fulfill any sweet cravings, and reduce your alcohol intake. These small gradual changes will help you get more control over your unhealthy eating habits and you will lose weight.

4) Keep Track of Your Daily Intake

Make a diary of your food plan and note down your daily food consumption. At the end of the week, review it and see where you went wrong. Once you’ve managed to stay healthy, we can move on to portion control. Check and balance is crucial.

5) Be Patient

Like we said before, weight loss is slow. Yes, there will be meltdowns and mood swings but you have to stay motivated and persevere. There won’t be immediate changes so don’t rush it. Have the patience and motivation to reach your goal weight.

Weight loss is a tedious process so there is no searching for immediate results. Crash diets make your body weak and we need to do the exact opposite. The key is to start small and build your way up. Give your body time to adapt and we can guarantee you results.


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