About Us

You Own the World™ (YOW) is about coming into one’s own, and turning challenges and hardships into opportunities, starting with women’s causes and those that support them.

You Own the World™ is a platform to increase the recognition attributed to women for their abilities, accomplishments and contributions, and to bring greater awareness to women’s causes around the world which directly impact the proliferation of their achievements.  It is our hope that this recognition will evoke positive changes that will enable women to achieve greater respect, equality, and the liberty to pursue their dreams.

You Own the World™ features men that support women’s causes and concerns, and who facilitate the advancement of women.

You Own the World™ honors mothers and parents who collectively strive to create the best possible foundation for the future owners of the world, and is a platform to share stories of the challenges they face, and their resolve to overcome these challenges so their children can own it!

You Own the World™ is also a platform to feature good news and stories about people doing good deeds and making a difference in the world, because they own it!

You Own the World™ holds the premise that when you own something you treat it with respect, pride, and allow it to flourish.  Whatever you want to do, whoever you want to be, whatever you want to change, whatever your “it” is, we hope you will join You Own the World and – own it!