She’s fierce, multifaceted

Her story has never been told

She’s a visionary , nonconforming

She often breaks the mold

She confident, driven

Her presence is effervescent

True to her convictions

One can’t deny the power of her essence

She falls, but when she rises,

She’s more determined than before

You might throw away the key

She’ll find a way to open the door

When she’s exhausted

She presses forward, inspite of herself

Her gifts make her rich

But her legacy is her wealth

Her journey is remarkable,

The manifestation of a dream

At the height of her potential

She’s what every ambitious woman

aspires to be

You don’t fear her, you adore her

Her plight is your plight too

By giving her all, indirectly

She brings out the best in you

Year over year

She reveals more of herself

She gracefully raises the bar

Pushing forward everyone else

She’s victorious, she triumphs

The champion of dreams

You may have doubted her at first

Now in awe, you believe

Her work is her passion

She elevates mankind

She not only inspires your soul,

She also feeds your mind

She stands by her truth

Her work is often done without merit

She’s doesn’t just exist in the world

She grabs the world by the lapels –

She owns it!

By YouOwntheWorld™ 2017