most inspirational irish women


Ireland has a long and checkered history. And Irish women have registered tremendous success over the years, with some going on to become opinion leaders in business, politics, religion, and even in a sporting sense. Legends like Katie Taylor, Mary Robinson, and later day heroes like Sonia O’Sullivan have stridden through Ireland- and indeed the rest of the World- like a colossus. As usual, here at youowntheworld , we love celebrating women who have broken through the glass ceiling. Here now are our top 10 inspirational Irish Women: Mary Robinson A renowned human rights crusader, Mary has been a woman of many firsts. In 1990, she became the first woman president of Ireland evolving into an activist rather than a figurehead like her predecessors. Then, she was the first UNHCR commissioner to visit war-ravaged Somalia as well as Rwanda soon after the genocide. Despite being in a prominent family, she…