Many at times when the issues of sugar consumption come up, addicted people usually defend themselves with every kind of statements such as:

“It fuels the brain…….”

“A little of it won’t hurt…..”

“Moderation is the answer….”

“It is nutritional…”

Just to mention but a few are the justifications they give to sugar consumptions.

The question is “is there any safe amount of sugar consumption, and if so, in what quantity?”

Sugar is found to exist in different forms apart from the white cube or powdered beet sugar we can get from the grocery store out there. However, in any forms either honey, corn syrup, maple syrup, and much more, there are effects of its consumption. A published in JAMA Internal Medicine confirmed that the risk of heart disease death had been attributed to consumption of sugar even if the person does not overweight.

Source of extra empty calories has been traced to sugar which contributes immensely to type 2 diabetes, high rate of obesity and other chronic diseases. There are two ways of sugar consumptions namely; natural and added sugar. Added sugar consumption is the one that poses more dangers to the health of the people. Most of the natural source like fruits, unprocessed honey, and much more are better consumed with little or no health risk.

According to CDC research, about 13% of calories consumed by American adults are from added sugar which is dangerous for the overall body health.

This content will discuss some risks sugar poses to your health and tips to play safe.

Health Risks of Sugar Consumption

Going back to the question I earlier asked, “Is there any safe amount of sugar consumption? Based on my opinion, I will say “NO”. My saying “NO” bases on refined and processed sugar. It has been discovered that almost all the common food eaten by people have some amount of carbohydrates in them. This means that without adding sugar, there is already some percentage of sugar in our food.

Naturally, the percentage of sugar contained in vegetables and fruits are balanced by vitamins, fibres, enzymes and other vegetables/fruits properties which help the system to control it easily.

However, processed sugar foods do not have these advantages thereby causing harm to the body.  Below are some of these harms caused to the body:

Sugar makes your organs store fat: Consumption of added sugar such as fructose has been researched to trigger your organ such as liver to store fat efficiently; a process which is dangerous for your health. Continuous consumption of high fructose diet can result to fat globule, expanding around your liver; a forerunner to non-alcoholic disease associated with the fatty liver disease.

Tip: It is better if your diet fructose comes from natural sources such as fruit or vegetable which has less amount of sugar than added sugar which already has tracker (such as fibre) that prevents amount of sugar sucked into your system.

Sugar prepares your body for diabetes: Your intake of sugar primes and prepares your body system for diabetes. A study has it that “for every extra 150 calories getting from sugar each day per person, there is a rise of diabetes prevalence by 1.1%”. This is one of the reasons you need to do away with sugar as much as possible.

Tip: One of the solutions to play safe is to give up every sugar-sweetened drink such as soda, and other related beverages. However, this is just one-third of the added sugar consumptions. Many of our delights hides sugar knowingly or unknowing to us in the likes of beef jerky, ketchup, bread, and frozen dinners.

Sugar affects your heart: The harm sugar causes to the heart cannot be over-emphasized as some of the diseases are directly linked to the heart. Diabetes and heart disease are linked while heart disease and stroke are ranked higher to cause death (65% of the death) especially with type 2 diabetes.

Tip: Try to stick with recommended sugar level of American Heart Association of 20 grams for women (5 teaspoons), 36 grams for men (9 teaspoons), and 12 grams for children (3 teaspoons).

Sugar develops tense blood vessels: Excess insulin in your body is caused by added sugar which has an effect on your body’s arteries. In relation to the Sugar Smart Diet’s claims, chronic high insulin levels make smooth cells in each blood vessel to develop rapidly. Tensed arteries walls put the body on high blood pressure course and prime the body for stroke or heart attack.

Tip: Avoid as much as processed whole grain products because most of the ingredient composition are full of added sugar. There is no way out of it.

Sugar boosts cholesterol chaos: It is not easy to separate sugar from cholesterol. Those who are addicted to added-sugar have high pierced of cholesterol level in their body and triglyceride blood fats with lowest cholesterol level.

Tip: It is recommended to adopt eating a protein-rich breakfast. Another tip is to avoid skipping breakfast as eating breakfast helps your body to keep blood sugar levels to your advantages.

It results to type 3 diabetes: There is a link between high-fat diets, insulin resistance, and Alzheimer’s disease. Consumption of added sugar results to type 3 diabetes and if care is not taken, you are toying with your brain health.

Tip: Ensure you check all labels vividly for the ingredients with –ose endings before consuming the products. Don’t be deceived; these ingredients are sugar in nature. Don’t cherish fatty foods; it will help you to avoid these Alzheimer’s-like symptoms.

It increases your uric acid levels: High uric acid has been attributed to heart and kidney diseases. The link between metabolic syndrome, fructose, and uric acid prepares places for heart and kidney diseases.

Tip: Take as much as fruits and water always to neutralize your system.

How to Get Rid of your Sugar Addiction

It may seem impossible to do away with sugar because it has turned to be addictive in your body. Professionals have advised to treat sugar addiction like drugs and alcohol.

However, below are summaries of the ways sugar habit can be controlled:

  • Avoid any form of processed food as much as possible.
  • Naturally boost your serotonin through sleep, exercise, and balanced diet
  • Indulge in natural sweetened to satisfy your sweet tooth. Examples are lakanto, stevia, and other zero-calorie sweetening to replace your refined sugar
  • Drink plenty of water every day to wash away your sugar level and to avoid body craving for sugar if dehydrated
  • Take plenty of greens
  • Stabilize your blood sugar by eating healthy diet in a proper proportion
  • Eat more of sea vegetables which are naturally high in minerals
  • Delight in fermented foods and drinks such as homemade cultured vegetables, young coconut kefir, and other related probiotic drinks
  • Meditate daily to reduce stress and sugar cravings
  • Fall in love with more of fruits and vegetables.


In all your eating habits, your health should be most important to you. The purpose of eating is to sustain and improve our health not to cause harm to your health through unhealthy eating habit. It is advisable to take a bold step to make your healthy eating better for you.

Avoid taking added sugar in any form will go a long way in sustaining and improving your health. The health risks posed by sugar consumption cannot be over-emphasized, ranging from heart diseases to kidney diseases. In my next article, I will be discussing “Amount of sugar stacked in our common foods”. Stay tuned to this page.


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