Angelica Hale is taking America by storm with her amazing voice and spunky stage presence. Angelica won the hearts of the judges and audience members on the hit TV show, America’s Got Talent, singing a stirring rendition of Andra Day’s, Rise Up. There’s more to this pint-sized voice than mere power and poise, though. Audra is a survivor of a bacterial lung infection that quickly escalated and developed into double pneumonia. The pneumonia caused her to become septic and nearly claimed her life when she was a mere four years old.


Left with severely destroyed kidneys, Angelica was placed on life-support for two weeks. After spending that time in intensive care and a total of eighty days in the hospital, the preschooler finally went home to her family. Her struggle for a life of normalcy continued over the next year and a half as she underwent hemodialysis followed by peritoneal dialysis to support her destroyed kidneys. Finally, doctors determined that Angelica’s mother, Eva Bolando, was a perfect kidney donor match. So, in September 2013, Eva bravely donated a healthy kidney to her daughter.


The now nine-year-old Atlanta, Georgia native is wowing America with her rich voice and unbeatable talent. You can see Angelica’s amazing voice in this video from her America’s Got Talent performance. Angelica Hale has been fascinated by music for most of her young life. She started singing at the age of two and started performing in local competitions at five. With aspirations to become the next Whitney Houston, Angelica, with help and guidance from her selfless mother, Eva, is well on her way. This rising young star and her family advocate for many hospitals and organizations that support children suffering from health-related crisis and their families.


Having already proven her superstar ability, Angelica is using her talent to share her story, inspire others, and leave her mark on the world.


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