Women across the world are rising against all the hurdles that are put their way. Today women might still be a minority according to social and societal propaganda, but there is no doubt in saying that women have proved that from societal pressures to emotional barriers, they can withstand everything. Women are strong and powerful and determined to do what they have put their mind to do, even if it means crossing a thousand oceans and offending a million onlookers, a woman will not stop for anyone if she has invested her heart and soul into it.

It would be very feminist to say that women don’t complain, but seriously when a woman decided not to complain and do everything with the belief that everything will work out for good, that belief strengthens the order of nature to actually work out for good and actually makes the world a better place for us all to live in.

One such amazing, talented and strong woman is Neha Modgil. The mother of two sweet little kids decided one day that her family deserves a lot more for their love and faith in her and that gave birth to the idea of Techved Consulting. Started by a small group of people in 2007 and now built into a leading business consultant and design solution provider company in Mumbai, India. Neha is the cofounder and design director of Techved. Her company has signed deals and projects with Naukri.com, Nokia, GE and HP to name a few.

She says while candidly letting the world know about her story that she started this to simply strike a balance between her own dreams and aspirations and what she was supposed to be. To simply put it, her personal life comprising of her family and her professional life that held her business, she wanted to challenge herself to walk beyond the norms set by the society that the women who work are not able to cater to their families and houses.

She says that being a woman, it was tough for her to play such dynamic roles in her life all while not leaving any one of them behind, she wanted that level of flexibility in herself to be able to manage both her family and profession efficiently, at the same time. She goes by the saying ‘Where there is a will there is a way’. If we simply tend to give up or bind ourselves by the rules that are set by the society, we won’t be able to move ahead. If one is willingly participating in something that is a little bit different and like Neha, she just wanted to accomplish worldwide recognition in the area of her expertise in user experience design, without having her dreams interfere in the way of how her family was functioning.

She says she believes true success is in the loyalty of her clients and the hard earned profit that gives the feeling of attainment. Having said that, it would be hard for you to believe… Neha did achieve everything but all the while taking her son to her office every day. She was seen to attend meetings, conferences and proper formal passes with clients all while having her new born in her arms. She must have turned heads when she took her first son on her work tenure.  After all, the company that belonged to her would have still somehow digested what she was doing and as a place of work, people see you through all sorts of perceptions, however, Neha was rigged and strong to continue.

As for now, Neha is still going strong with her tech consulting company, balancing her work life as well as her family, she ranks amongst the top entrepreneurs in India today, and being a woman sets her apart.  She has a firm answer for all those who think starting a family while you work is not easy, and feels maintaining it is totally worth it, as by the end of the day when you see your children smile up at you, you forget  all the day’s run down.

Many such women are waiting in their shells to be discovered; I encourage them to take inspiration from Neha Modgil by transcending the societal boundaries around them to achieve their goals.


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